Poem by Ian M Parr


 They call it “folfar”. Rare this far north it’s said.
An image displayed
conspicuously upon the village noticeboard
meant for eyes grazing
through minutes of the parish council,
for WI and other local information.

Leafless, its petals appear foliated.
It seems a fuss, nowadays.
Such an otherwise dull flower,
unrecognised, insignificant its dipping head
spread amongst enduring grasses;
remnant of long outdated farming ways;
commonly called “Snake’s head fritillary ”
from something of its shape,
descriptive enough for my imagination.
But how names can change our perception!

Once written “folfar” lives along with Wheaton Aston
growing from my right hand forever.
As I hold the pen, propel these lines along the paper –
a grey flower writing another song.

Ian M Parr

From The Poetry of Staffordshire;
Offa’s Press 2015


Folfar Erddig April 2017