Two Poems by Seán Body

Let This Be The Day

(for Ruth on the birth of baby, Iris)


I wake to birds:

winged alleluias weaving light;

east to west a golden Sanskrit.


Let this be the day

long foreshadowed

snatched back;  the day

obdurate hope triumphs.


My bare-knuckle bruiser

let this be the day

your long voyage tumbles

into light;  starved eyes smile

and lives that seeped away

bring you wriggling to me.


Let this be the day.


When pain overwhelms

let me be reborn


those claiming fingers

soft as swansdown

their forever hold.


Let this be the day

joy breaks my heart;

but oh

how it sings!


Iris — One Year Old


You open doors on wonder

let light flood in: a conjuror

amazed by your own skill.


On your back you griddle-dance

babble epics;

roll over, skitter-crawl.


But standing’s more fun:

you rifle hidey-holes;

bum-dive, release laughter.


Little usurper

you make all things yours.

Teach us


to see through your eyes

be ever in the moment;

let your energy restore us.


Together we sail seas of mystery

find new lands

invent tongues.


Now you gift your open arms

laughing, toss them

to the sun-blind sky;


let fall a shower of Iris.









1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. carolynoconnell
    Aug 19, 2017 @ 13:05:23

    Beautiful poems welcoming a child Sean, sure Iris will treasure them when she get older.


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