Congratulations to Rosie Topping. Her new romance has just come out as an e-book. Rosie writes this genre under the name Tanwen Coyne. Here are the details:


University lecturer, Fiona, is a strong, independent woman who has always been successful in life. Her one stumbling block was her marriage. But after a break up and a cosy night in with her ex-husband Charles, one kiss starts a journey of passion even her interfering mother cannot halt.


Tanwen Coyne, a young bisexual writer, draws on her Celtic heritage in her writing. Her works include novels The Dreamers and Stars and a collection of short stories entitled Ours. She has been writing from childhood and she is a Creative Writing graduate and teacher, who also writes poetry and scripts. She has a strong fascination with Science Fiction, Fantasy and Erotica. Exploring character is a driving force behind her work and she has a passion for representing bisexual characters in her stories. She also writes Young Adult fiction under the name Rosie Lloyd.




We would like to congratulate Jan Dean on her new collection of children’s poetry, The Penguin in Lost Property, written with Roger Stevens. It is out on 3rd July and will be available on Amazon and in all good bookshops. Published by Macmillan. A poem from it can be enjoyed on this site.


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