We publish poetry and flash fiction to show the rich variety of work produced by BLAZE members and guests.  The frequency of posting depends upon the volume of submissions received.

BLAZE members and guests are also welcome to submit reviews of poetry and flash fiction collections they have enjoyed, or news they wish to share.


POETRY: A maximum of 50 lines per piece, with up to five pieces per submission.

FLASH FICTION: A maximum of 500 words (excluding title) per piece, with up to three pieces per submission.

NEWS ITEMS and REVIEWS: Reasonably brief, please, to be submitted singly.


With work previously published, this must be acknowledged in a footnote.

Pieces should be sent as individual Word documents (doc, docx) with an email titled ‘BLAZE Poetry Submission’/ ‘BLAZE Poetry Review’/ ‘BLAZE Poetry News’ or ‘BLAZE Flash Fiction Submission’/ ‘BLAZE Flash Fiction Review’/ ‘BLAZE Flash Fiction News’ as follows:





If previously unpublished on BLAZE Blog, please also attach a brief biographical note with a photograph for our PROFILES page.

With reviews and news items, a relevant photograph (such as a book cover) may be included.

By submitting a piece of work to us, you are granting BLAZE the right to publish that piece and retain it in the blog’s archives.  All other rights remain with you..

Please note that we do not pay for work published.

With creative submissions, we will try to get back to you within four weeks.  We will deal with news as soon as possible subject to editor availability.


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